“The Girl with The Emerald Green Eyes” ~Ansley Pye


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For her Exploration and Expression in Oil on Canvas in the World of Nature and her “seeing” of the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Chinese Master Sculptor Xiaoye Sun

The focus of my Shamanic work is Dreamwork and Aura-Soma therapeutics leading to integration, self-responsibility and a person’s ongoing relationship to self-healing.

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Assisi Institute – Feel free to contact me regarding my outstanding experiences with Dr. Micheal Conforti’s innovative seminars and Certification Programs. Dr. Conforti, Founder and Director of the Assisi Institute is a Pioneer of matter-psyche studies and the Author of Threshold Experiences, and Field, Form, and Fate: Patterns in Nature Mind and Psyche. 

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Angelo Druda– Contact Loci for Personalized Prescription Formulas through Tongue Diagnosis from Angelo Druda OMD, Traditional Chinese Herbalist & Author of The Tao of Rejuvenation.

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