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The Full Spectrum Series formulas were created for all year round wellness:

EM1-Memory/Brain: Use for Memory LossUnclear ThinkingIndecision Confusion and to Soothe the Central Nervous System. EM1 can help you to Retain Information. Everyone can use a brain boost. All Emethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies FAST! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM2-Vitality: Use to Enhance Physical and Mental Stamina and to Increase Energy levels. Enhance the Immune System by combining EM3 in conjunction with this formula. Balance Hormonal Problems by combining EM4 in conjunction with this formula. Use EM2 when exercising for better work-outs. All Emethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies FAST!. Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM3-Immune: Use to fortify a weakened Immune System. EVERYONE can use immune protection these days. Use this formula for Preventive Measures, especially when you feel something coming on. Use in conjunction with EM12 for Allergies and infections. All Emethy® formulas work to balance mental, emotional and physical energies- FAST! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Year!

EM4-Hormonal: Use for Glandular Imbalances, Puberty problems, Menstrual Cycles, Menopause, Mood Swings and Changes in lifefor men and women. Feel more composed and experience an attitude of gratitude with changes in life. People report mental, emotional and physical stability from using EM4. Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM5-Heart: Use for Palpitations, Hypertension and Heart Flutter. Can be used to relieve heart pain from excess gas. EM5 helps matters of the Emotional Heart as well. Use for emotional upsets. AllEmethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies- FAST!! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM6-Digestion: Use to support Proper Breakdown of Foodsabsorptionutilization and elimination. You can also use this formula during meals to help jump-start the digestive process. Use especially after eating heavy meals like pizza, deep fried foods and other foods high in fat. EM6 greatly enhances digestion. All Emethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies- FAST! EachEmethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM7-Reproduction: Use to soothe nerves associated with Menstrual CyclesHeavy FlowingCrampsPMS, andEmotional Upsets. EM7 has also helped prostrate problems. Use this formula in conjunction with EM4 for best resultsAll Emethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies-FAST!! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM8-Stress: Use to support and soothe the Nervous System. Eliminate Anxiety, Tension, Irritability and for theeveryday stresses of life. AllEmethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies-FAST!! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM9-Trauma: Don’t go another day without this formula! Works with Mental, Emotional and Physical Upsets. Great to have in hand for AccidentsBurnsBitesSudden Bad NewsTerror and Hysteria. EM9 works with all types of trauma. Get FAST results from stubbing toes, head injuries, burns, bites and with any other mishap. This formula is a true rescue remedy for all physical, emotional and mental disturbances. All Emethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies- FAST!! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM10-Addictions: Use for Addictions Detoxification from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. EM10 is a GREAT liver Cleanser. People have reported positive results with giving up smoking and other old habits when using this formula. All Emethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies- FAST!! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM11-Pain: Use for Back PainHeadachesSore Throat, Spinal Pain, Arthritis, Sciatica and other Painful Conditions. Use EM11 in conjunction with EM9 for ultimate relief. Works with Emotional Pain too. People have reported RAPID results when using this formula for most types of pain.  All Emethy® formulas work with balancing mental, emotional and physical energies- FAST!! Each Emethy® formula lasts at least One Full Year!

EM12-Infection: Use for Fevers, Infections and Inflammation. EM12 can help to Clear Toxins from theLymphatic System. Use in conjunction with EM11 for any form of pain associated with inflammation.


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TARGET formulas were created to zone in on specific points:

ANX– ANXIETY-FEAR: Use for panic attacks and fearSoothes irritated nerves, bringing about a more relaxed state and general sense of well being.

EYE– EYE: Helps improve eyesight and other eye imbalances. EYE is also great for tired and irritated eyes.

INTS– INTESTINES: INTS plays a major role in nutritionalwater and mineral absorption. INTS helps with bloating, malabsorption problems, candida and parasites.

PIT– PITUITARY: PIT plays a central role in the process of maintaining harmony throughout the body. The pituitary has an influence on the metabolic rate, development of bones, muscles. PIT also works to keep the rest of the hormonal chain of energies in check.

SCIA– SCIATICA: Use for shooting pain in the lower back, legs and feet. Bloating can also be a result of sciatica problems.

THY– THYROID: THY plays an important role in regulating metabolismGrief and depression can be experienced when this gland is not functioning properly. THY can also assist greatly with menopausal problems.

VRAL– VIRUS: Use VRAL for herpescoldshyperactivityear infectionsinsomnia and impotence. Use VRAL for preventative measures as well.




Elite Formulas are intricate & action packed:

AMAZ– Amazonic 10 (A Rain Forest Tribal Remedy) From the high jungle area of Peru’s rain forest. AMAZ can aid in digestive disorders, slow aging, provide mood enhancement, Enhance performance and recovery, provides immune support and helps the mind/body control food, drug, tobacco, and alcohol cravings. AMAZ boasts a very high concentration of alkaloids which are active ingredients capable of providing superior health.

CMS- MSM Plus Vitamin C Use for Blood detoxifying, immune support, flexibility, blood circulation, flexibility of tissue, stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, constipation, candida, back pain, muscle cramps, increasing energy and clarity. 

FREE– A PAIN FREE FORMULA- Use for Revitalizing cell’s, immune support, inflammation, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sport injuries, asthma, tissue damage, osteoarithritis and to re-build cartilage and bone mass.

FIRE FIRE is the most useful of the systemic stimulants as it regulates blood flow. FIRE can be also used for equalizing and strengthening the heart, arteries, capillaries and nerves. It is most beneficial to the circulatoryand digestive system. Use FIRE for debility and to ward off colds. It can also assist rheumatic pains as it works as an anti-inflammatory to the nerves helping to reduce inflammation in damaged tissue. FIRE raises mental accuracy and helps to soothe and calm the mind. It can also greatly assist mental and physical stamina.

RED– A Redwood Remedy RED grounds fundamental energy circuits in the feet reviving kidney, liver, gall bladder and spleen meridians. Sacred is also empathetically therapeutic to the spine and central nervous system. It facilitates immense strength and grounding capabilities that support clarity and balance among the chaos of current events.

SEA Argentina Laminaria japonica Seaweed- Use to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins and help with weight loss. Studies at the Center for Preventive Medicine had 332 subjects taking this brown seaweed for six months. The results were: Significant shrinking of the lymph glands which had been enlarged, improved digestion,Decrease of bronchitis with absolutely no side effects. The institute of Immunology carried out research on volunteers from Chemobyl region, who were exposed to radiation and heavy metal poisoning. The results showed: Laminaria pure brown Seaweed was very effective in preventing the absorption of radioactive elements. Reported to decrease cholesterol, powerfully effective for weight loss, increased Immune protection, strenghten Nervous system, correct thyroid imbalances and used to rapidly increase energy levels.

TCEL T-Cells “T”cells are of three types: Helper T’s, Killer T’s and Suppresser T’s. Helper T’s identify against strong infections, viruses and cancers. Killer T’s attack the undesirable invaders and Suppresser T’s monitor the attack. T cells attack antigens directly and help to protect us against bacteriapathogens, microorganisms, cancer cells, and other things that can be danger to our health. When our immune system functions properly it identifies and then destroys substances that contain antigens. This formula can enhance T’cell support and is know to be a GREAT immune booster. 


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Use Emethy® as often as you like as you cannot overdose with this method. Infants to the elderly experience only positive effects with Emethy®.



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HAND PICKED herbs by Shamans in the Amazon.

There is something very special about Emethy’s® Rainforest Remedies, the symbol r certifies an authentic Emethy® Rainforest Formula creation.

Here’s why: The cutting edge line of wild-crafted Rainforest remedies are hand harvested by Shamans deep within the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest produces the richest biological incubator of plants on the planet.
Rainforest remedies embody thousands of years of empirical indigenous knowledge passed down through generations by Shamans and their tribes who hand pick each plant.

“There is something truly special about Rainforest remedies: their effects are profound”. 

The energy of the Amazon biosphere environment is truly unique and dramatically differs from anywhere else in the world. 

ADRr–  Adrenal recharge! Our Adrenals play a major role in the “flight or fight” scenario.  ADRr is designed to give us that extra burst of energy producing a natural “jump start” energy surge to our vital being.  Recharge your batteries with ADRr after that bar of chocolate or cup of coffee.

BLDr Blood cleanse- Reduces cholesterol, stimulates bile, supports liver, helps digestion and fights free radicals.

BWLr- Cleanses bowel and colon. Reduces inflammation in intestines and colon, soothing diverticulitis.

CNSr– Central Nervous System soother and a great pain-reliever. Calms nerves, reduces stress, relives pain.

DIGr Natures antacid- Stimulates Digestion and eliminates stomach ulcers. Protects liver, kills germs, yeast and viruses.

GLBr Gall Bladder Revive- Jump starts ultimate Gall Bladder function and assists in removing gall stones. Helps to break down fats, reduces cholesterol, stimulates bile, detoxifies, and fights free radicals.

HRTr For healthy blood pressure, palpitations, heart flutter and hypertension

KIDr– Kidney Support- Cleanses blood and kidneys, increases urination, and reduces gas.

LIVr– Liver Lift- Nutritionally rejuvenates the liver and lifts emotional energies linked with liver malfunction.

LNGr– Lung Rescue- Use for upper respiratory issues and asthma. Blocks allergies and histamine and reduces spasms. Great bronchial dilator, detoxifies and helps to relax muscles.

LYMr– For Lymphatic glands and lymphatic detoxification. Prevents cellular mutations and moves lymphatic fluid.

MNOr– Menopause Relief- Stops hot flashes and other uncomfortable energies associated with this transitional phase of life. South America Women successfully use the herbs in this formula for menopause.

PANr- For Pancreas- creates healthy blood sugar levels. It is now believed that a faulty liver can result in pancreas problems. Use LIVr in conjunction with PANr.

PARr– Parasite/Bacteria- Kills parasites, expels worms and stimulates digestion.

PRSr– An excellent formula for prostate problems.

SNSr– Sinus Cleanse- Use for allergies, allergic reactions and to clear sinus congestion.

UPr– Mood enhancer.  A great formula to UPlift downer feelings and thoughts. The perfect remedy for depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. UPr can be used in conjunction with the LIVr formula for ultimate results.

URNr– Excellent formula for urinary tract infections.

VIRr– Virus eliminator- Kills bacteria, kills cancer cells, prevents tumors and kills leukemia cells. Knocks out herpes and works with hepatitis.

VTLr- Accelerate on all energy levels!  Use to increase Vitality levels. Keeps your cells young and healthy.

Revitalizes skin, brain, liver, kidneys, gastric tract, heart and immune system.




Our Rainforest formulas are very limited as our source has been shut down. Get them while you can!



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KRTOM- Indo Kratom

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All of Emethy’s® formulas will last at least ONE FULL YEAR and up to LIFELONG time periods.

Although Emethy® formulas will last for long periods of time they may break if you drop them- the formula container is made of sturdy glass.  I have only broken one formula in my 33 years of working with Emethy®, although I have dropped many that haven’t broke.  These cases of breakage are rare but can happen.  I will be happy to give you a substantial discount on any Emethy® formula that you break.

               Once you experience Emethy® you’ll never want to be without it!

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