Emethy® Q&A

Emethy’s® Questions and Answers

What is Emethy®? 

Emethy®- Electro medicinal energy therapy- is a Proprietary method that transmits medicinal energy, through glass, within moments of use. Specially formulated herbs and minerals are used and because no actual substance enters the body, leaving a chemical residue, there are no harmful side effects nor can an overdose occur with Emethy’s® astute method.

What makes Emethy® different?

Most by-mouth products require optimal enzyme action, digestion and assimilation in order to be fully beneficial. Emethy’s® delivery system works uniquely different as it transmits 100% of its beneficial properties via the nerve endings of the fingertips, tongue and feet.  Emethy’s® restorative energy enters the body’s electrical highway instantly without obstruction.

How can Emethy® help you? 

Emethy® quickly brings Mental, Emotional and Physical energies back into a balanced state of being.

Emethy® is reported to negate negative energies stemming from TV’s, Radios, Computers, Cellular Phones, Microwaves, and other EMF frequencies. Emethy® helps us to tolerate those unfavorable frequencies by strengthening and protecting our delicate electrical system.

How long does one need to use Emethy® before experiencing results?

Each person has their own unique experience with Emethy®. Most People report a positive change within the FIRST session. About 1-2 weeks of sessions are usually suggested in order to maintain a balance. Long term chronic conditions may require more sessions for longer periods of time.

Is Emethy’s® Method safe for everyone?

Yes, Emethy® is completely safe for every living soul.

Can Emethy® be interfered with or altered by negative energies?

Emethy® does not take on negative energies from sharing formulas with others. Nor will it interfere with other modalities one is using. Emethy® will only enhance everything else that one is doing.

When can I use Emethy®?

Use Emethy® at home, the office and while driving. Take it on walks and watch for that extra pep in your step:) Use Emethy® at least 3X per day or more as you cannot overdose with this method. Emethy® is also a GREAT preventive tool. Use it when traveling- especially by air- as it will keep your immune system protected and your vital forces UP.

Emethy® is your personal therapist 24/7:)

© Gail Jacobsen Founder of Emethy®