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Love Stalked Me
Penetration Seeking My Darkest Spheres
Cracking the Structures of Fear
Painstakingly Built to Survive.
Breath Doesn’t Flow Here.
Pupils Contract, Holding Secrets.
Ears Closed to the Pain.
Soul Safely Entombed.
No Slow Peeling Away Here.
Rather, a Spring in the Heart
Bursting, Spilling Forth
Seeds of Love
Into Unnamed Sorrow,
Blossoming Now
Inside and Out.

Paraclete Ring

This Ring Is
A Holy Vessel, arranging its own birth.
Quickening hidden knowledge
Setting in Motion
Destiny’s Promise.

I was fortunate to meet Richard Morrow and was inspired by his creation of this ring.

Richard Morrow




Take up
Your Creativity
Your Soul
Your Knowing
Your Original Nature
You are Irreplaceable





Dreams Echo
Our Deep Truth
With No Contrivance
And No Argument


The Mysteries of Life
Call us to Remember
To Live and Dance


The Prayers and Songs
Of The Echo Flowering


Mythic Renewal

Mythic Renewal
You are the unfolding of the goddess, receive her fully!
Spark to the dance of her being,
Let body’s magical energy be heard.
No more Amnesia!
Be serious!
Gain your equilibrium. It is original nature.
Shape your destiny and announce who you are!
Dream and gather!
Greet the morning sun and preserve your wildness.
Trust your ability to heal and birth through your pain.
Listen to the mythic bells!
Power slumbers in no-mind and in conscious sacrifice.
Hospitality cries out anew to the hidden wounded,
Tolerated for so long!
Reclaim! Recover! Remember!
Tears and depression-willing ground for cultivation,
Offer raw power transformed
Burdens lessened, can sing!
We are each a great song!
-Loci S. Yonder



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