Aura-Soma, Messenger between Personal and Collective Unconscious

“try to live to see this—“


The Archetype of the Messenger appears in our life to bring news, a transmission from afar. This archetype offers a communication between opposites, between different realms, between heaven and earth, between waking and dreaming, between the faery world and the world of man, between the conscious and unconscious.  Messengers show up constantly in our lives through Fateful Circumstance, Dreams, Synchronicity, Imagination, Art, Intuition, all interaction.  Most particularly, the Messenger can arrive  unexpectedly and, most especially, if one has lost touch with the sacred dimension of one’s life.. The messenger arrives to assist us to  remember who we are.  New, meaningful communication comes with an invitation to consciously engage. 

Aura-Soma offers the energy of the Messenger Archetype, creating a Bridge from the Ego to the Soul.  Are you receptive?  This is a completely “Self-Selective” experience. Are your senses open to receive the soul message through Colour Translation? To consider moving out of a  black and white world into the full Colour Spectrum of your Life?

Perhaps you have heard someone remark in making a 4-bottle selection, “That bottle chose me! I didn’t choose it ! I don’t even Like those colors.  It just insisted in being with the others!”  A dialogue with the soul, with conscious and unconscious, has begun and was allowed— the soul’s message was able to be received within the energy field  of Colour.

In the most gentle way, through the beauty and caress of the live energies of the mineral kingdom of gems and crystals, the vegetable kingdom of plants and herbs, and natural colors, the core message of “Your life is changing,” is disclosed for conscious embrace.

Through our experiences in nature, we are predisposed to understand process and observe change.  Nature reflects wholeness and uniqueness.  When we are submerged in the  subliminal perception of nature, we are actually  assisted and prepared to bear paradox—wholeness/separation, death/life, small/large, dark/light, wet/dry, colors, etc—all of this is experienced within nature. 

The four bottle, dual-colored consultation offers a self-selection from nature.  Receptivity to this spiritual process opens a door to the opportunity of conscious relationship to the unfoldment of one’s individual destiny in relation to what fate has brought to us.  C.G. Jung wrote “That which you do not bring to consciousness comes to you as your Fate, that which you do bring to consciousness, whether it was what you thought you wanted or not, is your Destiny.”

With the application of each bottle, one is energetically infused, given support at all levels for new comprehension and trust of one’s destiny path, of the mysterious process of the embodiment of change and transformation. 

Recognition of oneself within color and light occurs at a high vibrational level. The color of the top fraction of Equilibrium opens a window into awareness of the many roles that ego life requires. The lower level of the bottle will reflect archetypal aspects, assisting recognition of whether the roles may be complete and one is called to move on. Within this unfoldment of Beginnings and Endings, Equilibrium embraces the Soul, including the dread and fear that  can occur in the field of change with its many new questions and doubts—what if I truly allow myself to be seen?  Who will I be?

It is helpful to remember that these roles are a part of the archetypal path of all humanity that pulse in the Collective Unconscious.  They are societal and carry mandates and expectations, including inherited cultural patterns. You may be called to  a new ego relationship  or attitude to these collective archetypal patterns. Inner change within the psyche may occur,  calling you to your unique, individual  path of Individuation. Ego consciousness will now be called to assess and balance outer demand with inner needs.

In Aura-Soma, the Collective Unconscious is viewed through the lower half of the bottle, where the Archetypes of Shadow,  Anima and Animus can be recognized. When  the Equilibrium bottle is shaken and applied to the appropriate chakra area of the body,  the ego is assisted to keep moving out of reactivity into response and to become a navigator now facilitated to move towards the choices of  Discernment and Transformation, able to bear and relate to  “What is the case,” to What is obvious,” to what must be seen.

Within the archetypal layers of the unconscious lies the ancient wisdom of Color, Image, Numerology, the Tarot, the Kabbala, the I Ching and more. Conscious attendance to these and to synchronicity and dreams offers the possibility of recognition and co-operation with the destiny allies within oneself.   Re-discovery and alignment with ancient memory, reclamation, redemption, vitality and meaning become possible and can be envisioned.


Perhaps we “dream” into our color selections, like Max Zeller describes in his book,  “The Dream: Vision of the Night.” 

He quotes Jung, “The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.” (Jung, Civilization In Transition, CW 10, # 304).  

Loci S. Yonder