About Loci

Loci S. Yonder

B.S. in Nursing, LMFT Ret., M.S. in Counseling (RETIRED)

Founder and Owner of The Northern Gate, San Diego, CA, www.thenortherngate.com

I am located in San Diego, CA and offer Jungian oriented educational/learning and mentoring for mind, body, and soul.

My passionate interest in Education began at 16 when I read Clifford Beer’s book, A Mind That Found Itself.

My R.N. focus was Psychiatry. Following Psychiatric staff and Private Duty Psychiatric Nursing and a Clinical Instructor Position in Psychiatric Nursing at CWRU, I developed a Staff Education program in Human Behavior based on Dr. Ralph Ojeman’s Preventive Psychiatry principles for Fairhill Psychiatric Hospital under an NIMH Grant, published in the American Journal of Nursing. This education was also given at the Cleveland House of Correction staff and to teachers and parents in Cleveland. In my early days in San Diego, I enjoyed creating an Educational Family Institute at Mission Hills Congregational Church, along with offering Preventive Psychiatry education to schools there.

A seminar on Dreamwork given by John Sanford and Verda Heisler piqued my interest after a diagnosis of M.S. A 4-year analysis ensued with John Sanford, followed by 5 years of analytical work with James and Hilde Kirsch in Los Angeles, including 2 years of training at the C.G.Jung Institute with a one year emphasis on Northern Mythology with Betty Smith.

Following graduate school and L.M.F.T. licensure, I opened my private practice in 1974 in San Diego followed by 2 years of practice in Santa Fe and 12 years in Austin, TX. San Diego, CA is now my permanent home.

In 1982, the diagnosis of Breast Cancer brought extensive learning in conflict resolution and integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I entered Religious Studies at SDSU, traveled to Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Austria and France for personal depth study and completed the 3 year Foundation in Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner with focus on Soul Retrieval.

I was an Aura-Soma Practitioner and Teacher with emphasis on the release of Energy via the Four-Bottle Equilibrium Selection, offering support of consciousness of the opposites via Color.

I was an educator that did offer:

  • Herbs from Standard Enzyme Company
  • Essential Oils From Young Living Essential Oils – Contact Ansley Pye
  • Personalized herbal prescriptions through Angelo Druda, OMD via Tongue Diagnosis