Aura-Soma® and Dreamwork

Aura-Soma as Messenger of the Personal and Collective Unconscious

“The psyche is a self-regulating system that maintains its equilibrium just as the body does. Every process that goes too far immediately and inevitably calls forth compensations and without these there would be neither a normal metabolism nor a normal psyche. In this sense we can take the theory of compensation as a basic law of psychic behavior. Too little on one side results in too much on the other. Similarly, the relation between conscious and unconscious is compensatory. This is one of the best-proven uses of dream interpretation. When we set out to interpret a dream, it is always helpful to ask: What conscious attitude does it compensate?”…..”The dream-content is to be regarded with due seriousness as an actuality that has to be fitted into the conscious attitude as a co-determining factor.” Dreams, C.G. Jung-p.101

“Try to live to see this!“Kabir

The Archetype of the Messenger appears in our life to bring news, a transmission, perhaps from afar. This archetype might bring a communication between opposites, between different realms, between heaven and earth, between waking and dreaming, between the faery world and the world of man, or between the conscious and unconscious.  Messengers show up constantly in our lives through Fateful Circumstance, Dreams, Synchronicity, Imagination, Art, Intuition and all of our interactions.  Most particularly, the Messenger usually arrives when we have lost touch with the sacred dimension of our nature. This energy comes to help us remember who we are.  Meaningful communication is offered, along with an invitation to consciously engage! Aura-Soma is a true Messenger of the Soul, echoing, mirroring and reflecting Soul’s memory and its desire to be in the forefro13726_01_webnt of our lives.  Are you available to receive it?  decision is yours. Are your eyes open to see the messages in the colour?  Are you open to the depth of the soul revealed in the Four Bottle Equilibrium selection? I have often heard someone remark in a consultation, “That bottle chose me! I didn’t choose it !  I don’t even Like those colors.  It just insisted in being there with the others!”  A receptive dialogue with the soul, with both conscious and unconscious, has begun. In the most gentle way, through the beauty and caress of the live energies of the mineral kingdom of gems and crystals, the vegetable kingdom of plants and herbs, and natural colors, the core message of “Your life is changing,” is disclosed , inviting conscious embrace. Through our experiences in nature, we are already predisposed to understanding process and to observe and experience change.  Nature reflects wholeness, yet uniqueness.  As we are submerged in this constant subliminal perception, we are assisted and prepared to bear paradox—wholeness/ separation, dead/alive, small/large, dark/light, wet/dry etc.—all are there to be seen in nature The four bottle dual-colored consultation offers an experience of self-selection from nature.  Receptivity to this spiritual process opens a door to the opportunity of conscious relationship to the unfoldment of one’s individual destiny   With application of each bottle, one is energetically infused, given support at all levels for new comprehension and trust of the mysterious process of the embodiment of mystery into reality. Recognition of oneself as the energy of color and light becomes possible. The color of the top fraction of the Equilibrium bottle represents and opens a window into conscious awareness of the Unconscious, i.e. the Impersonal factors in Life.  Here can be seen many of the roles we have played or are playing, some of which may be in completion as new ones unfold.  One’s Persona presentation to the world is widened into coming to know the possibility of Depth Dialogue with the Unconscious.  As the bottle is shaken and top and lower half come together, conscious and unconscious meet, opening one to depth and greater possibilities in life.  What if I truly allow myself to be seen? These roles and patterns are a part of the archetypal path of all humanity, pulsing in the Collective Unconscious.  They are societal and carry mandates, expectations and cultural heritage patterns to be seen and taken into account. The Collective Unconscious is viewed through the lower half of the bottle. Shadow,  Anima  and  Animus can be seen through the Numerology.  That understanding is broadened through the lens of colour.  When a bottle is shaken and applied, alignment and dialogue between conscious and unconscious  are facilitated.  The ego is called to  become a navigator towards discernment, increasingly enabled to bear radiance and a new vibration. Full trust of seeing and hearing “what is so,” begins to offer an increased ability to move out of reactivity to response. Within the archetypal layers of the unconscious in the lower half of the bottle lies the ancient wisdom of color, image, numerology, name, the Tarot, the Kabbala, the I Ching and more. Conscious attendance to these and to synchronicity and dreams offers the possibility of co-creation with one’s destiny.  This re-discovery and alignment with one’s ancient memory offers reclamation and facilitates new vitality, meaning and purpose. I invite you to come and “dream” into your Four Bottle Colour Process,.  I invite you to be supported with the Pomander and Quintessence specific to your Soul Path , given through your bottle selection. Jung’s statement regarding the dream offers a fitting description also of the window of the soul discussed within the colour selections of Aura-Soma…. “The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.” (Jung,  C..G.,Civilization In Transition, CW 10, # 304).

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