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The Northern Gate is a Metaphor that was given to me through my personal dreamwork.  In the Ancient world it was the entrance to Hyperborea, considered to be the farthest a person could go to discover their source of spiritual nourishment and service.  It is here the God Apollo would go to Remember, Reclaim and Recover his relationship to Beauty, Mystery, Radiance and Meaning.

The Northern Gate was the framework for my work in Education, an invitation to commit to one’s Personal/Archetypal Process, to understand and become an Ally to one’s Destiny, and an Ally to the personal unfoldment of Emotional/Spiritual Growth and Meaning to be found in our Life Stories and Dreams.

Here it is that the individual spiritual path and unique treasures are to be found in the relationship between Ego and the Archetypes which seek to be recognized and expressed through us.  Within the willingness to develop a conscious relationship to one’s fate (to what has been done to us), and to then forge a creative life out of those experiences, one’s true Destiny Blessing can be found and meaningfully lived.

Two Griffins guard the entrance to Hyperborea, offering Serious Pause to any Seeker of the Treasures there.  Developing a Trust relationship with the Griffins in one’s life, i.e. symbolically, with an alignment of Spirit and Matter, (Spiritual Backbone) opens the further possibility of both living compassionately with oneself and others and to receive the Grace that supports a stable relationship with the Self.

Fierce, loyal commitment to one’s Personal/Archetypal Soul Journey is supported with the use of Aura-Soma Colour Therapeutics, High Frequency Rainforest Herbs from Standard Enzyme Co.,  Angelo Druda’s Traditional Botanical Medicine, VoxxLife’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, Soulera From NuYugen, and Young Living Essential Oils. These Allies assist the development of the highest Frequency that can be maintained by the individual. Wonder, Momentum and Trust of your Authentic Rhythm, your Personal Creative Process and Truth are supported.

As one learns how to create and be at home in this Numinous Sacred Space, one can bear the information from Paradox and Confusion.  Being able to stay upright here facilitates a shift into Discernment of the correct Tension required for Living the Personal and Transpersonal Mystery in a centered balance.  Mindfulness, Inspiration and Compassion can then be brought to oneself and to the World.

This Process requires a Willingness to learn a new Discipline of the Soul, to learn to Respect, Sort out and Assess one’s Unique Needs, and to remain open to the Discovery of one’s true moral Responsibilities and Correct Personal Choices within the truth of Paradox and Mystery.

You are the only one who can live your Unique, Authentic life and purpose.  You matter more than you can ever imagine.  You are the Hidden Treasure to be found. Finding your Roadmap within Ordinary and Extra-ordinary reality grounds Spirituality, through the deep waters to be navigated.

I bring 50 years of experience as an Ally to the Value and Skills of obtaining Direct Access to the Wisdom of the Unconscious.  Within this Field of Respect for Personal/Archetypal alliance, Dialogue, Translation and Decoding of Complexes and Emotional Triggers,  New Worlds of Perception and Inspiration can birth in the shift from an Ordinary to an Extra-ordinary Life.


Loci S.  Yonder