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For her Exploration and Expression in Oil on Canvas in the World of Nature and her “seeing” of the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

**Individual Art Instruction Available**

Chinese Master Sculptor Xiaoye Sun

The focus of my Shamanic work is Dreamwork and Aura-Soma therapeutics leading to integration, self-responsibility and a person’s ongoing relationship to self-healing.

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Assisi Institute – Feel free to contact me regarding my outstanding experiences with Dr. Micheal Conforti’s innovative seminars and Certification Programs. Dr. Conforti, Founder and Director of the Assisi Institute is a Pioneer of matter-psyche studies and the Author of Threshold Experiences, and Field, Form, and Fate: Patterns in Nature Mind and Psyche. 

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Angelo Druda – Contact Loci  to receive Personalized Prescription Formulas through Tongue Diagnosis from Angelo Druda OMD, Traditional Chinese Herbalist & Author of The Tao of Rejuvenation.


Click Here for his review of Eastern and Western medicine 


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