Medicine for Body & Soul

“Soul Medicine Teaches, Strengthens, Guides and Heals.” -E. Tick

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-Women’s Radio Network Interview with Loci S. Yonder

As an Educator and Ally to understanding the relationship of the Personal to the Archetypal through Dream Image and Aura Soma, I taught Depth Dialogue with Self, Soul and Others.   Conflict Resolution, Grief, Trauma and Dreamwork are supported with the Energies of Colour, Light, Crystals and Plants.  Nature offers the Echo of Resolve,Tenacity, Resilience and Capacity to Full Potential.

In the Sacred Space of my Consultations over the past 50 years, whether the focus began from an  Inner or Outer need, there was always an Archetypal core to be addressed and understood. These “stuck places” and wounds in our lives, that occur in all humanity, bear many faces and names—Loss, including Loss of Spirit, Heart, or Creative Purpose, Grief, Chaos, Transition, Trauma and Conflict.   All herald the human need to be held in a safe place within which lost soul pieces can be welcomed home and new strength can be gathered.  In this secure space, Responsibility for Self-nurturing can be learned, allowing the Authentic Self  true expression.  C.G. Jung named this Individuation, emphasizing that this uncommonly difficult task required profound reflection.
One becomes one’s own Curriculum. Such Growth includes coming to know and navigate Paradox along with expanding the Capacity to understand and relate, most especially, to the Archetypes of Shadow, Anima, Animus and Self.  Recognition and Discernment of what is Generative and Non- Generative for Oneself  begins to lead to realistic possibility.
Heraclitus expressed Elegance as that which calls us to be Wakefully Intent to the gathering of information from within, especially the Heart, and to pause there long enough to be given Compassion for oneself and for others, and to also receive one’s true, correct next action.