The name Equilibrium reflects the possibility of coming into balance and relationship to the equal action of opposing forces.   There are presently 121 Equilibrium bottles and 14 Alchemy Bottles from which to choose. The bottles are dual-coloured.  The top fraction contains crystal, gem, flower and essential oils.  The bottom fraction is water-based with the frequency of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England.  Application offers Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual support.  With responsible, consistent application, new focus, honoring and discipline of the soul can birth, along with balancing and vitalization of the etheric body.  With this understanding of the soul intention for life, i.e. why we are here, we can begin to understand the way we are to do what we are here to do to serve the Greater.

Aura-Soma is important  in all my Consultations, especially as a Dream Process Ally. The Mirror of Colour offers Diagnostic and additional Personal and Archetypal information.  Through the energies of Colour, Light, Crystals and Plants, one is assisted to come into a new relationship to Complementarity and Paradox, and to experience the Resolve, Tenacity and Resilience of Nature.  New horizons and possibilities are facilitated and supported.


Loci & Mike Booth