Aura-Soma® is Non-Intrusive & Self-Selective

mike boothOne of the main principles in the Aura-Soma® system that is so often misunderstood and not even taken into account is the core value of non-intrusion. So what does this mean? It means viewing situations with compassion but not getting drawn in by “trying to do good”. I cannot express strongly enough of how important this is.

There was one story Vicky told more than any other and it was about a blind deaf mute trying to get on or off a train. The person, who seemed alone, had one foot on the train and one foot off the train and stuck in the situation. Should we help this person? The dilemma is do we help them on or off the train but if we make the wrong decision then they do not get to their destination. It seems simple but after pondering this for many years it is far from simple.

Most people called to the Aura-Soma system have the desire, the impulse, to be of help and to be able to assist others but, as in the above scenario, is there not a chance that we might interfere with someone’s true wish, their soul intent? Would this not be a serious intrusion? If we make a move before the situation is clear then it would be so easy to do the wrong thing. This is not intended to create fears but to clarify a fundamental premise within the Aura-Soma system.

The primary objective is to empower the client/friend to be able to fully support themselves, allowing them to honour the selection they have made and to facilitate them in the use of the bottles they are called to. The communication that follows with the client/friend is to empower them to apply the bottles to themselves where they feel drawn to put them. This is crucial. There are so many potential errors through knowledge that belies wisdom and which may go beyond what is truly helpful. Words are like energy so do we do our best to support what is pointing towards the core of the system?

To be truly non-intrusive means to allow the power, the decision, to be in the hands of the Client, not the Therapist.

In Love and Light