Thank you to all the clients I have had the privilege of working with. Below are some personal testimonials from those wishing to share the essence of their experience.
A beautiful image of the work and the results obtained I feel are expressed in the image of Hexagram 53, painted by Terry Miller with comments by Hale Thatcher in “Images of Change”. The book is dedicated to Allan Anderson, one of my personal religious studies teachers.

“53. Chien, Development (Gradual Progress):
A tree on a mountain develops slowly according to the law of its being and consequently stands firmly rooted.

Gentleness that is adaptable, but at the same time penetrating, is the outer form that should proceed from inner calm.

‘The tree on the mountain is visible from afar, and its development influences the landscape of the entire region. It does not shoot up like a swamp plant; its growth proceeds gradually.’ Gradual Progress is concerned with the meaning of perseverance.

Here among concentrated shapes anchored in the lower fourth of the picture, a rugged tree stands on a steep incline. Its roots taper into the light rimmed slopes of the mountain, as if petrified, and are identical with the contours of the stone surroundings. The tree is rooted there by pure endurance; nothing can shake it loose.”



“I have had the pleasure of working with Loci for many decades, and she is, quite simply one of the true healers of the world. Her sessions facilitate real, tangible changes that last. Time spent with Loci is always so very worthwhile because she herself is such a beautiful mixture of head and heart, her natural gifts developed to be shared in a way that is deeply healing. I love this woman and her work!”
-Laurel Emrys
“Having worked with Loci for many years, I have always been impressed by the depth and caring of her soul. Whether guided by Dreamwork, Aura-Sma Colour therapy or Jungian Depth Psychology, Loci has helped me reach into my inner being and discover what life and experience had hidden there and begin to experience and explore what life has to offer. She is constantly investigating new modalities to help and heal. I am proud to call her friend, healer, mentor, and wise woman.”
-Ken Egan
Computer Tech
“I have worked with Loci for may years. Through all of the ups and downs of my life, she was there for me. I never left her presence without having a positive outlook on the issue that had gotten me so depressed. I miss working with her and often think of the many times that she lifted my spirit and made my soul soar.”
-Karen Hueston, retired.
“We regard Loci’s work with us as marriage-saving. She was there when we needed her. Kerry and I will never forget your warmth, wisdom, and love as you guided us through a difficult time. When you said to find something to share that was intimate and fulfilling, it struck a chord. We believe we found that in our garden……..we work side by side, yet separately, and are connected in the heart….what better metaphor could there be for marriage than a garden……prepare a rich soil, plant quality seeds, pull out some weeds, but realize that it is never free of a few, water and feed, and wait for the blooms. It was Loci’s perceptions that helped me shed the idea of the “perfect marriage” and see the work that had to be done. Our marriage is strong and vibrant now, well deserved, too, after years of work.”
-Carole Price
“Loci is a wise, compassionate, awake woman with whom I’ve had the privilege to work with for many years. With her unconditionally loving and fierce, skillful guidance, I’ve done much to reclaim my wholeness and empower my true self; sense and trust my connection to the ever-present Divine Source; and cultivate embodied presence, the space where the Great mystery and I meet, moment by moment. Just to be with Loci is a gift as it is not often that one has the opportunity to be around one that seems to easily and joyfully navigate between the Ultimate realm of always Oneness and the Relative realm of personal, mundane, daily life. To work with her is invaluable as she helps one to do the same. Loci facilitates, by energetic, therapeutic and shamanic means, the growing of consciousness, presence, and health of all kinds. She speaks to, embraces, and calls forth the radiant wholeness and powerful gifts of one’s soul. She is a joy and a servant of peace.”
-Grace Wamble
“A loving servant to the Divine…I was referred to Loci by a dear friend who raved about her work. I felt drawn to work with Loci on translating my dreams and also to experience Aura Soma. Loci helped me realize that each dream has an important message as well as a call to action. After the tragic loss of my brother, my work with Loci became essential to grieving and to creating a new life for myself. I felt loved and held in every way. Most importantly, I was guided to correct action. Through working with Loci on translating my dreams, I discovered I was being called to express myself creatively through my art. Now, I am more open, grounded and receptive of life.”
Thank you, Loci for your wisdom and guidance.
I am infinitely grateful.
-Candace French
“In loving service to the Divine.”
Artist l Educator l Author
“What I can testify most strongly to is how I have loved being loved by you. Your love is fierce and beautiful and sparkly. I will never forget you in that way…ever. You help me love me. Working with you in my dreams, my experience is that you help me look at all of the parts of me with love and acceptance, frankness and honesty. I love the way you reflect me back to me. It didn’t seem so scary in your mirror. You open doors to the Divine with your love , your commitment, your passion and all of your tools. I feel liberated somehow by how you embrace what catches your fancy.”
-Lisa Soileau BA,LMT
Integrative Massage Therapy
“Loci’s work is to be experienced, not explained, a potion of wisdom, ritual, guidance and most of all Love.”
-Mark Barber
Aston-Patterning Practitioner.
“I felt supported by a compassionate and trustworthy teacher Who brings unusual depth to her subject through decades of training and experience.”
-Vickie Hoch
Flight Attendant
“In couples’ work, she moves away from the traditional,’he said, she said’ to the greater gift of who we are to each other… The love that she brings is the container for growth.”
-Bill & Sarah Minnis
“Loci’s work is profoundly transformative on all levels of psychological and spiritual healing. Her unique gifts of insight, wisdom, and deep caring energy inspire each person to become the best expression of themselves. She offers the tools of shamanic practices and other offerings of color, alchemical waters and herbs to enhance and nourish the physical as well. It has been a great gift in my life to have the continued opportunity to work with and grow from my connection with Loci.”
-Sumi Komo
Alexander Trainer
“My work with Loci over the past many years has been the catalyst for profound transformative changes in my life. I am forever grateful. The constancy of her loving, intuitive heart is paired with incredible knowledge of, and experience with, the human psyche and understanding the relationship of dreams to the waking state. What a combination! In addition, she is always totally present and attentive to every emotional nuance. I feel so ‘held’ in her presence. What a treasure! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Loci is truly blessed.”
-Sophia Alexander
“Loci is a giver of tools and dragon pointers for the journey of Life”
-Anne Weaver
Restoration Artist

“Loci inspires people to help themselves, to seek their truth from within, as they learn to treat others without judgement. She inspires self exploration as a way to live in an often insane world. This ability is one of the many gifts she offer others.”
-Susan Weekes
“My conversations with Loci over the past several years have added a new dimension of joy and peace to my life. She helped me see what is true. She changed mu vision of my life and my relationships. She is a Godsend.”
-Joyce Dormady
“Loci’s approach to integrative therapies are the most proactive and fascinating personal health systems I have ever encountered. She is unique in her active pursuit of continued deep teaching and personal training in many methods. Her approach gently weaves together for each individual therapies that she offers. They are more expansive and comprehensive than any well-being approaches I’ve experienced. Not only does active participation with the modalities effect transformative personal, emotional and spiritual benefits, but they actively affect one’s physical condition in a balanced way. I began to work with Loci as a result of emotional issues released by deep, intense physical therapy. She follows a thoughtful, careful, and caring progression of combined therapies, always taking into account current physical state as well as the emotional/spiritual one. In working toward healing in body, mind,emotion and spirit, one may achieve personal, sustainable, restorative tools to deal with life’s ongoing challenges.”
-Ann Brudno
“I was, and am delighted to learn about Aura-Soma healing. The knowledge I have gained has expanded meh awareness and accelerated meh spiritual growth. Loci is a wonderful Guide.”
-Mickie Bellah

“In the midst of a painful divorce I worked with Loci Shines Yonder, then known as Dee Pye, to come to grips with my emotions and seeming inability to relate in a good way to a woman. Loci used her deep intuition and considerable skills as a shamanic and Jungian therapist to help me. The first step was for me to quit looking for a woman to fulfill me. Loci had me use aromatic oils to calm the emotional turmoil and encourage soul growth. The next step was to pay attention to my dreams and write them down in a notebook. Under Loci’s guidance i engaged in imaginative dialogue (active imagination, in Jungian terms) with the people who appeared in the dreams. I entered a calm, meditative state and allowed the dream figures to speak to me, and I to them. In that process I came into conscious relationship with my inner feminine. She had some important things to tell me! I was also blessed to receive guidance from the divine feminine. The result was life-changing. I am now much less conflicted, much more sure of myself, and enjoying a very fulfilling relationship with a strong woman who has become my wife. I am deeply grateful for Loci’s insightful guidance and unstinting support.”
-Bill Meacham
Austin, Texas
“In 1990 I felt so incomplete with a huge hole in my soul. Today I have many physical and spiritual tools. I am empowered with a fast ticket to wholeness, liberation and peaceful existence. My life ‘is’ the journey, being at ease with transformation. Namaste.”
-Renie Vasquez
“Loci shines Yonder has helped me to make large life jumps by combining her wondrous personal skills, creating a safe and loving environment, and providing the support from products that facilitate personal growth at an accelerated rate. Her unique skills of Jungian Depth Psychology, Shamanism and life experience allow the highest levels of personal change and development. She is a wonder!!”

“My work with Loci began when I didn’t even know I had family issues to address. The numbness and in deference of my emotions would have led me down a path of unconsciousness and self destruction. Loci’s compassion and deep understanding of the feminine and masculine in each one of us, led me to embrace more of myself and begin the healing and loving process with my family. The Aura Soma bottles offered my soul support with the exact subtleness I needed. After 10 years of this work and bottle therapy, I feel a deep connection and wholeness I never thought I could entertain in this lifetime. Loci’s discipline to heal and help me observe the wounds that were and are holding me back is the support I never received when I needed it most. Words and gratitude can not express fully my appreciation for this gorgeous Nordic shaman angel that came in my life at the perfect timing.”

-Heather Fleming

“Loci is wonderful person and very effective in her work with people. I know her for many years. She is a professional with Integrity.”

-Richard Cicchetti

The Story of a Soul Retrieval 

-L. Marie

“For some reason, I was surprised at myself for being such a protective parent. I always thought I’d be free flowing with my children, not hovering over their every move and trying to constantly prevent any harm or falls to come to them. I thought it very smart of me to enroll my daughter, Summer, at age 2, into swimming lessons. Within a short time she was fearless of the water and could easily swim across a large pool. I thought I had done well for her by doing this.

Once, though, I let my guard down. I was camping at a lake with my husband. Summer was now 4 years old, and I had a 6 month old baby. Unknown to me, my husband decided to float out into the lake on a raft to relax. I was nursing my baby on the tailgate of the truck, thinking Summer was with her father. Then, for some reason I looked up at the water. My daughter was not in sight, only a hand sticking straight up out of the water reaching for help. I literally flung the baby aside and ran to the rescue. Of course, it was Summer, gasping for breath on the verge of being hysterical. She had believed she could swim out to Daddy, asleep on the raft unaware of any of this going on. I brought her in, wrapped her up and thanked God she seemed O-K at the time.

Summer had little interest in pools or swimming after that camping trip. Rightfully so, I did not insist on her going back to lessons or to a pool, I thought time would heal.

She seemed fine for a few months, and then something clicked inside her. I was going to the babysitter to pick up the baby in the pouring rain. I parked the car under their carport with Summer in the back seat and told her I would be right back. It was something about being alone in the car in the dark with the rain pouring down all around that made her go crazy. Only a couple minutes later I returned with the baby and Summer was screaming at the top of her lungs and she would not stop. That was only the beginning. The next day at preschool, she screamed and cried for several minutes after I left her, whereas normally she loved going to school. She clung desperately onto her teacher, and cried and screamed at the top of her lungs when her teacher was out of view. It was a horrible time for all of us. Either I had to be in my daughter’s constant sight or her teacher did. We could not figure it out and the hysteria continued for weeks.

I decided to put my daughter in counseling. I was lost as to what to do. She went to counseling for several weeks, with no seeming improvements and her teacher, who was truly wonderful throughout this whole time, was getting concerned because it really was disrupting the entire class.

I then decided to use my resources close at hand. I knew of Loci from my job. She was a client at the Physical Therapy office at which I worked, and she seemed like a wonderful person guiding from afar, with wisdom I had not tapped into yet. I explained to Loci what my daughter had been doing, and what I thought triggered this behavior. Loci told me Summer had lost a soul when close to drowning, and perhaps the rain incident had triggered something in her to constantly relive this feeling of helplessness and drowning unless she was close at hand to someone who could rescue her if needed. Loci told me she could retrieve Summer’s lost soul but I had to set the stage.

Now I mentioned this to my husband. “Yah right”, he said, “and how much money does she want to do this goofy thing?” He was surprised that she wanted no money, she could do it while Summer was sleeping, and she did not even need to be in Loci’s presence to accomplish this. He was a true unbeliever, a real doubter, and I must say I had my doubts, but I wanted to do anything to help her and her constant horrible feelings of dying.

I set the stage for Loci. I was to call her when my daughter was asleep at nap time and Loci would do her wonders from her home. She warned me that my daughter’s behavior and demands might be a bit different when she woke up. “Like how”? I asked. Loci said she will demand to paint or color, she may talk differently, just give into her every demand for a short time and everything will be fine….

My husband and I sat in the other room as my daughter slept wondering “what were we thinking?” To our surprise, EVERYTHING Loci had predicted came true. Summer woke up talking like a robot. At first it was kind of funny at her mechanical sounding voice, then she demanded to paint. She painted and painted and painted. I could even leave the room, and she did not follow me as she had before. The next day at school, the teacher reported that Summer was back to her old self, playing and being a funny little girl just as before and the teacher wanted very much to know what we did to help her. She was amazed at the difference one weekend made after months of screaming and crying.

I searched my soul. I asked God if I had done the right thing. I knew he had brought Loci into my life purposely to help me with my daughter. My parents were proud of me for bringing something unknown into our lives to help my precious girl. My husband was beside himself. A true unbeliever became a believer of what could happen beyond anything we have ever learned or heard of.

Of course we can only speak of this unbelievable event with very close friends, people who know we speak the truth, people who trust who we are.

Summer is now 17 years old. She is unbelievable funny, creative, intelligent, and very spirited. She also loves to swim once again, but now more cautious than before. She is now picking out colleges, and I know in my deep, deep heart, I will forever be thankful to have trusted Loci Shines Yonder with her soul.”