Solar Eclipse Retreat in Julian 5/20/12

In the silent space of a personal retreat to the mountains of Julian, I had the experience of working intensely with Aura Soma Bottle 72. At the time I was also reading Henry Corbin’s book, Alone with The Alone. This poem describes an amazing flow of images that formed in the top  of the bottle, one by one, like ink drawings. The images became a story over the next two hours which I attempted to capture in this poem.


In the Shock of Silence
On the Threshold of Rest
In A Parallel Time
You appeared.
Long White Locks flowing from your cap
Staff in Hand
Tunic Swaying
Sage, Wanderer, Minstrel
Known Only to the Mountain.
Bluebird singing,
No!  No!
It is  Sophia
Gown and Headdress
Announce Her Grace
Together now,
A Cross of Individuation
Between You
Each Touching
Divine Capacity.
7 Bright Lights!
Are they Stars?
Illumination is birthing
Three  White Pearls
Forming a Column of Light
Sophia Now with Her Staff,
Fleeing Horse and Rider,
Crouching Bear Rises
The dream says, “Why didn’t she tell me?”
The Man on the Move
with the Monkey on his back
Wakes up
And disappears.
Eagle Flying overhead
Touching Angels’ Wings
Watching over
Three Hooded Travelers.
One Ascends to meet Angelic Strands.
Gebo’s Echoes Ring
In the Mountain Breeze
Through the Lone Pine
The Third Returns
From His Ascent.
Sphere Embraced.
All Day in the Barren desert,
On the Move,
Graced by an Owl
and the passing–by of five.
Caped companion mounts the Whale
Tuscan Horse sharing the Ride,
As Lone Hooded Traveler
meets the Helmeted One.
Butterfly, bird and fish
Accompany the human face
On the flying carpet above
Griffin and Orb Safe
As the Caravans pass.
The Snow-peaked
Mountains shine through the Man’s Heart.
Holding the Chalice in the Four-Leafed Clover.
He leans to feed the Deer.
As Robe and Castle appear
Child is Safe
In His Arms.
Griffin and Orb flying free,
Snail stretching out of its Shell
Horse and Rider return from the Sea
As Mushrooms grow Flowers
In the Rainbows and the Moonlight
Dragonfly Meets Orb and Griffin
To Watch the Bird on the Whales’ tail
And See the Heart of the World.
Masked Face in the Orb Looks Out,
Arms Open
Bird Head Now Safe to be  revealed.
Commas and Birds become Angels
Wings outstretched,
Hummingbird sips Heart Orb’s
Infinite Joy
Cosmic Teardrops
Fearless, Sobbing, Glistening
Horizon Yields
A Ship with pointed bow,
Boatman’s Oars high.
Land Eyed
Beyond the Shimmering Orange sphere
As He Reaches Into his Nobility.
July 30, 2012